barnes specialty gases
barnes specialty gases
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High purity & specialty gases play a major role into all types of industrial/manufacturing application from oil & gas refining to semiconductor manufacturing. Gases are required for critical medical research, complex air quality monitoring and food processing to name a few.

Beverages & Food

Beverage grade Carbon dioxide, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Carbon dioxide, Oxygen

Modified Atmosphere Packaging
MAP mixtures such as Oxygen & CO2, Nitrogen & CO2, Tri-mix Nitrogen, CO2 & O2

Wine Gases
Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, mixtures of Argon & Nitrogen, Nitrogen & Carbon dioxide

Biological Atmosphere

Aerobic & Anaerobic mixtures

GC & Analytical Instrument

P-5, P-10, Quench Gas, Geiger Flow gases (Radioactivity & ionization)

FID Fuel Mixtures

Leak Detection Mixtures

Helium, SF6 in Nitrogen

EPA Protocol Gases

EPA protocol Mixtures are manufactured to stringent EPA specifications & procedures, utilizing the most advanced cylinder preparation procedures. Then the mixtures are analyzed with NIST traceable standards
Nitric oxide, Carbon monoxide, H2S, Nitrogen dioxide gas mixtures, Methane in air, SO2 in Air

Portable Calibration Standards

Disposable cylinder size 17 -103 Ltr, Aluminum cylinders 34 Ltr, 58 Ltr Regulators

Semiconductor Gases

Silane, Ammonia, Halocarbons, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen

Medical Gases & Mixtures

USP Oxygen, NF Nitrogen, Blood Gas mixtures, Lung diffusion mixtures

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