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barnes specialty gases
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Gas Mixture

Mixtures are manufactured using high precision gravimetric scales combined with the state of the art blending system. Automated Pre & Post fill cylinder treatment ensures greater stability of the gas mixture.

Mixture Grades

Primary Standard grade
Precisely blended mixtures prepared by the most advanced gravimetric techniques, using NIST traceable weights for calibrating the high precision scale. Minor components are traceable to NIST Standard Reference Material. The gas mixture is Dual certified by Lab analysis report.

Certified Standard grade
A specialty gas mixture (calibration gas) used as a comparative standard for analytical instrumentation is referred to as a Certified Standard. Certificate specifies the gas concentration, traceability to primary standard, blend tolerance & analytical certification accuracy.

Environmental mixtures
Gas mixtures used for the calibration of emission monitoring equipment. These mixtures are manufactured to stringent EPA specifications and certified using NIST traceable SRM.

Medical application mixtures
Specialty medical gases for the health care industry primarily used in the calibration of diagnostic instrumentation, as breathable gases for testing purposes, and surgical support applications.

Blood Gas Calibration standards
Pulmonary Function Testing Mixtures
Aerobic Mixtures
Anaerobic Mixtures

Mixture Specifications
Depending on concentration of minor components tighter tolerances & certification analysis is possible. Typical mixture tolerance:

Tolerance Certification Preparation Analytical
Minor component ± 10% ± 0.1 ppm
Below 10 ppm of reported concentration