barnes specialty gases
barnes specialty gases
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Specialty Gases

Our Barnes Specialty Gas Division focuses primarily on bringing to you high purity and specialty mixed gases, and specialty gas equipment with on-site service and technical support.

State-of-the-Art Production

Barnes Specialty Gases uses the latest fill system and analytical instrumentation in our facilities to manufacture the highest purity gases and critical gas mixtures. Efforts are on to make it the first state-of-the-art facility in the entire valley region. To further ensure quality, Barnes Specialty Gases promotes and operates under a strong national brand, Purity Plus.

Purity Plus Quality Assurance

Purity Plus is a special, external, third party program that inspects, assesses and controls manufacturing procedures and systems. It has mandatory quality audits for the entire system to assure that the quality meets national standards & practices.

Responsive, Responsible Customer Service

Since 1949 we have served the marketplace by providing our customers with high quality products and services at competitive prices. Barnes Specialty Gases evolved out of our constant endeavor to give the best service to our widespread customer base throughout the valley. We believe that our biggest asset is our manpower who have been with us for many years and are the source of our strength. From our sales force to our production facilities, our knowledgeable and experienced workforce is dedicated to fulfilling your specialty gas requirements.

Who We Are

Barnes Specialty Gases is the newest division of Fresno Oxygen & Welding Suppliers, Inc. Barnes Specialty Gases operates from within our Fresno Oxygen / Barnes Welding Supply retail locations. In addition to our three Fresno Oxygen stores within Fresno County we have six stores doing business as Barnes Welding Supply. All these stores are strategically located in major industrial hubs along Highway 99 from Bakersfield to Sacramento. Supporting our stores and our customers we operate three industrial Gas Fill Plants, one Specialty Gas Lab and a Central Distribution Warehouse.

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